Why Landscapes are on my Mind and in my Heart

When the Sky Meets the Sea

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The last couple months have been pretty intense. The biggest transition has been a move from San Diego to Austin. The move was brought upon by work and we wanted to be closer to our family. Like any transition, we need to expect pains, excitement, sadness, joy, loss, growth, the list goes on . 

I think what has thrown me off the most, is how much I miss the beauty of San Diego. Our time there had many beautiful things about it, but there was a lot of really hard things too. There were a lot of hard life lessons that had to be learned. Lots of things that were exposed to me about myself that I really hate. A lot of rich and wonderful things too though. 

This brings me to why I am painting a series of abstract landscapes. My time in California may have had a lot of challenges but I am so thankful that I lived somewhere so beautiful, in some ways it soften hardships with the beauty that was all around me. The beauty was healing to me in so many ways. It was consistently the same in weather pretty much everyday. I can feel it now. That sticks with me.  The sun setting and rising there are phenomenal. Literally breathtaking. The sun setting over the water literally looks like it is melting into the sea. Light trickles and floods over everything. Colors so vibrant.  Nothing can escape the suns touch. I know that God used all this beauty in my heart and I will keep it there always, BUT I can find beauty everywhere. After driving through west Texas to move out here I am reminded of the VAST expansive beauty of that barren land. If the world gets overpopulated Im pretty sure there would be enough room in west Texas for everyone:) There is beauty all around me. It heals, it brings me back to memories that are so deep only seeing something familiar makes them feel real again. 

In this series I am going to paint abstract landscapes that are actual places or ideas of places. Who know where I will go next...


Past and Future